Coreless Paper Packing Machine Features
Coreless Paper Packing Machine Features

Coreless Paper Packing Machine Features

1. This machine is used for squeezing, bagging, and sealing of coreless paper roll bags, automatic conveyor belt type automatic conveying, manual paper feeding, automatic paper pulling, bagging, sealing, and cutting as a whole packaging machine;

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Coreless Paper Packing Machine Features

1.This machine is used for squeezing,bagging,and sealing of coreless paper roll bags,automatic conveyor belt type automatic conveying,manual paper feeding,automatic paper pulling,bagging,sealing,and cutting as a whole packaging machine;

2.Adopt advanced PLC computer programming control,LCD text display parameters,simple setting,water cooling control,more effective protection of heating wire,and high-temperature resistant tape;

3.The packaging and sealing effect is beautiful,neat,accurate control and positioning,fully semi-automatic operation,including conveyor belt type machine body to connect the packaging machine and the paper machine,realize the mechanized transport of paper,only need to manually cover the bag,the whole machine is faster and more Save labor,reduce production costs,and improve production efficiency;

4.Packing speed:6-10 bags/minute,manually arrange the paper,and discharge it well.Various sizes must be selected and customized;

5.The whole machine has reasonable structure,stable performance,firm materials,and more durable;the main control components are imported high-quality components;

Coreless Paper Packing Machine Specification

ModelA-200-3 Coreless paper Packing machine
Packing Speed6-10 bags/minute
Power Voltage220 V,50 HZ
Air Pressure0.5 MPA
Total Power1KW
Packing Size(Upper&Lower Fork Angle)Vertical SealSingle diameter 65-100*height 120-190mm(diameter and height must be selected)can be clamped or not(clamping range is 10-30mm,the fork angle must be selected)according to the sample.
Size(L*W*H)3800*1500*1500 mm

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